My sister and I were at the Ayala Museum recently to check out this year’s INKfest. We basically took advantage of the time to just revisit this lovely museum and see the beautiful work of the illustrators from Ang INK.


I took some photos, although not a lot. I find that for the last few months, I haven’t been inspired to shoot, so I’ve taken the task of getting inspired and bringing my trusty camera with me so I can just take photos. Click. Click. Click!


I think it’s working though. I am taking some good ones, although very few. This photo of my sister pushing a glass slide is my favorite from this day. I’ve even made a GIF out of it.

Sliding Doors.gif

You might be seeing some more of these posts until I get back in the groove. I feel like I’m relearning to shoot and finding good angles. It feels good.


I’ll also be traveling again soon. It’s for work, but it’s to places I’ve never been yet. I will definitely take advantage of any down time I have to do some exploring. It will be to two different cities and they both have a pretty good feel to them, but totally different vibes. I’m excited!




P.S. Check out my postcard haul! I actually don’t send these types of postcards. I’ve been collecting them for the past few years, and I’m trying to figure out a way to showcase them in my future space. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Museum Day

  1. i’m glad you waere able to drop by Ang Ink’s😀 I’m collecting postcards from these fellas too, i used to put them on one wall of my room until almost half of the wall is covered.🙂

    • Hey, Sab! I love your work! I have one of your prints🙂

      Yeah, I really like supporting local illustrators and they make fantastic work, IMO. I’m planning to cover a wall with these postcards too🙂

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