It was a request from a friend who worked overseas.

Can we visit Sagada when I’m back in the Philippines?

Of course. Of course.

We set it up.



Sagada to me is a weekend off with friends to a quiet town up in the mountains, a long road trip.

P1080216 P1080224

Sagada is a quiet room in some retreat. It is foggy mornings. It is the hike to see hanging coffins or waterfalls.

P1080171 P1080177
P1080183 P1080204

Sagada is waking up at 3 in the morning, and hiking for about an hour to see the sunrise above a sea of clouds. It is tasting wild blueberries on the way back. It is hitching a ride on the back of a truck.

P1080291 P1080322
P1080329 P1080335

Sagada is the comfort you get to have with people you’ve known for a really long time — since high school, in our case. High school ended 14 years ago. Sagada means more secrets shared and inside jokes. It is arguments and fighting. It is making up.


Photo Credit: Marj Ann Lozada

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