Kawaguchiko to me is bike rides, but also rainy days. It is the quest to get a sight of Fuji-san, who has remained so incredibly elusive.


P1070046 P1070043

It was a long traveling day from Kyoto to Kawaguchiko. It took almost seven hours with all the walking and train switches and (of course) getting lost trying to find the hostel. It started pouring just as I checked in. Apart from going out to get some food that first day, I pretty much spent the day indoors, doing laundry.


My second day around Lake Kawaguchi showed some promise. I rented out a bike from the hostel and resolved to cycle around the lake. It’s certainly doable, I’ve read. There’s a 14KM trail I can cycle through. The day started well enough. The lake wasn’t far from the hostel I was staying at. I was there within a few minutes.


It was a cloudy day though, very cold. Fog shrouded Mt. Fuji from view. Fuji-san will remain elusive my entire stay. I went slowly on my way. I was in Japan at the beginning of autumn, and the colors here in Fuji have started to turn a beautiful combination of yellow, rust, and hints of red.


Eventually, I feel it. Rain started pelting down, slowly at first, and then steadier. I pedaled quickly to avoid getting drenched in the downpour that followed. I made it back at the hostel without being too soaked in rain.


I waited the rain out  by writing postcards. I figured I would send them later when the rain stops. It did eventually. It was already early in the afternoon when it stopped raining. I borrowed one of those cute transparent umbrellas from the hostel, asked for directions to the post office, and walked. It was a fairly short walk. It was the same direction as the one I took coming from the train station.


I enjoyed the short walk to the post office and back. The light rain and the fog provided a nice atmosphere to Kawaguchiko, so I took my time. Later would be another downpour. It would continue on raining hard even as I get on the train to Tokyo the next day.

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