P1080735 P1080680

I associate Carigara with the fishpond. This is where my dad’s is located. My siblings and I visit every year. This year, my dad has expanded to another site, so we went to look at that too. My dad raises prawns and bangus (milkfish) fingerlings.

P1080664 P1080650

We usually just hang out when we’re here. There’s really nothing to do. There’s no internet, no TV. It’s just you and this wide patch of space with ponds carved out and strips of land in between. We would sit in the small bahay kubo if it was too hot, or go exploring to the far areas of the property when it wasn’t.

P1080629 P1080752
P1080766 P1080661

We loved seeing the fish being fed. The powder of feed being thrown in the air, slightly being blown away by the breeze. The fish would gather in spots here and there as their food would land on the surface of the water. We’d be here for hours as my dad manages the business side of things.

P1080790 P1080789

There are times when we would go buy pastillas after. Pastillas is candy made out of milk. This one in particular was made from cow’s milk, and is the best one I’ve tasted ever. It’s a bold claim. I know. It’s true though.

P1080778 P1080781

We’d get it from this place, where they had a whole room that they’ve left alone for the balinsasayaws to have free reign. These are the birds known for their nests, which is the key ingredient to the famous bird’s nest soup. It’s an interesting sight.


At the end of the day, we would usually head out to the boulevard to have dinner. We’d get Filipino style barbeque, and pair it with puso, which is basically rice that is boiled in a triangular casing made out of coconut leaves. After all this is over, we drive back an hour to Tacloban, where our home is.

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