A giant reddish-orange gate floated in the water. The water mirrored its reflection back as the sun set in the distance, casting an orange glow everywhere. This is a picture I see when I Googled places to visit in Japan. The place is called Miyajima. This was the first place I wanted to visit when I went to Hiroshima.  WP_20141016_11_49_10_Pro

I had met two French men at the hostel and I traveled to Miyajima with them. I would end up exploring Hiroshima and parts of Kyoto with them during this trip. They were a cheery bunch. I had fun traveling with them. The thing about traveling solo is that you end up traveling with and meeting all sorts of people on the road. These two were a good pair to have ended up with. We found ourselves at a local bar that night, drinking the night away, but that’s a story for another time. That morning, we were on our way to Miyajima.


From the Hiroshima station, I took the JR train line to the Miyajimaguchi station. From the Miyajimaguchi station, it was a short walk to the ferry terminal. We took the ferry and arrived at Miyajima along with a group of students on a field trip. We would bump into this group every so often as we explored the island, but for the most part, we had a very peaceful hike around the island. Miyajima is a small island. You can visit all the sites comfortably on foot.


There were deer everywhere. They were not aggressive. They pretty much minded their own business. I saw people take photos with them every now and then. Sometimes they would follow people walking around with food, but still never hostile.


We hiked up to Daisho-in which is a peaceful respite in the small island. I think this is my favorite area of the island. It was quiet and a good place to explore.


Then of course there is the giant floating torii in the water. This one was hard to miss. It’s the first thing you see when you  get to the island, and the last one too, I suppose. Tourists crowded to take a photo of it by the shore.


I took this one with my phone. I had left my memory card back at the hostel, so my camera sat on my bag, useless at this point. The photo didn’t quite turn out how I had expected. The tide was high. I didn’t have a zoom lens with me and I didn’t want to push my way through the crowd by the shore.  It’s all good though. I came for the torii, but came away with so much more.


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