When my sister asked me what I wanted to do in Singapore, I told her I had two things that I definitely want to be able to do: to eat and see those giant tree things. You know what? I did get to do both of those things, but not before a day spent at Universal Studios Singapore.


My sister suggested it, and I thought, why not? I liked theme parks. Nothing like the allure of seeing some favorite and/or interesting pop culture characters come alive. Sure, it’s a little overpriced, but still, for a day, you get to run around a park decorated to theme, with realistic looking sets, ride (some) thrilling rides, and peruse (maybe even buy) all sorts of merchandising.



I don’t know if there’s really much to say about Universal Studios Singapore. It was fun. No ride was as scary as I first think it would be. I thought for sure I’d be scared of the Jurassic Park coaster with feet dangling on the air, but it wasn’t really too bad. And every ride always seem to end too soon, I think maybe a minute or so into it, just as you were getting into the ride. I loved the Transformers one. That’s one not to miss for sure.



I also ooooh-ed and aaaaaah-ed at all the cute merchandising, and have to congratulate myself for successfully not giving in to buying even the cutest finger puppet of Count Dracula from Sesame Street fame.



All in all, my feet ached a wonderful ache at the end of a day full of walking, but I was pretty happy. It was really great day spent well, hanging out with my older sister, who I don’t get to see as much anymore, and Universal Studios was a great start to this weekend in Singapore.

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