Last Sunday, after deciding to forgo a planned road trip out of the city, my friend and I ended up at the middle of the place we had planned to escape.


To make up for the change in plans, we decided to go to Intramuros to check out an event they dubbed Intramuros Pasyal Sunday. But first, we made a quick stop at the National Museum.



I was here around the same time last year. During my last visit, they were doing a lot of renovations around the place. In fact, I distinctly remember the smell of wet paint as we explored the different galleries they had inside the building.


The galleries have continued to improve and we were able to check out some exhibits that were not open before.


My friend and I had fun just walking around the space, appreciating the art, at the same time, catching up on what’s been happening in each others lives.



About an hour later, we made our way to Intramuros, where the event was in full swing. Families and friends (and their pets) walked along the now busy street. There were food trucks and different stalls selling various things. There was also some dancing.


What I liked most about it were the street musicians, who played along different spots within Gen. Luna Street, offering anything from classic rock to pop to some delectable blues. I stood around and listened to some of them play.


I like events like this that promote Manila. We really have such a vibrant city. Sometimes it takes things like this to remind oneself that there was no need to escape from it after all.

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