A bus, two ferries and a jeepney ride. These are the first few types of transportation we got to ride on our six-day backpacking trip around Romblon. Did I mention that we were only on the first day and a half? 

The trip's organizer, Ryan Mach of Pinoy Wandering Boy, looking worried, as he made all sort of arrangements for the trip.

The trip’s organizer, Ryan Mach of Pinoy Wandering Boy, looking worried, as he made all sort of arrangements for the trip. Read about his take on this part of the trip here.

Our trip started with a two-hour bus ride from the JAM bus terminal from Pasay City to the Batangas Port. Upon arrival at the port, we immediately made our way to the ferry terminals and booked ourselves a ticket to Romblon, Romblon. I had asked my friend, Ryan, who organized the trip, why we didn’t take the direct ferry to Sibuyan. The simple answer, it didn’t seem that safe. Who am I to argue? The guy’s actually from Romblon. After securing our tickets and terminal passes, we made our way to the air-conditioned terminal to wait.

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There seems to be a lot of this—the waiting. I didn’t mind so much. I was excited to see Romblon’s sights. I Googled Cresta de Gallo, one of the beaches we are to visit, and it seemed like a lovely place. Ryan also loaded a lot of places into the itinerary and I was curious to see what those places would look like and what we would do when we got there.

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Finally, at around 4:30PM, it was time for boarding. The boat was on time. This is a good sign, I thought. So up we went on the Ferry called MV Ma. Matilde, and quickly found our bunk beds in the air-conditioned dorm-style cabin of the boat.

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My friend Kate and I immediately started on our baon for dinner, while the rest of our group checked out the boat. We had talked about watching the sunset after eating our spam sandwiches, but somehow, that got pushed out of our minds. I fell asleep shortly after eating.

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I woke up way too early, shortly before twelve midnight. And all attempts of getting back to sleep were futile. I looked around the cabin. Some people were awake, too, busying themselves with their little gadgets. What the hell would we do without these electronic wonders? I cracked open the book I had with me and read.

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The captain made the announcement that we had arrived about half past two. I woke up my companions and we alighted the ferry shortly after, only to find out that the ferry from Romblon, Romblon to Sibuyan wont be arriving til around 7AM.

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We actually made great use of this time in Romblon, Romblon to explore the small, sleepy capital. Read about that post here. P4197646 - resize

At a little past 7AM, the ferry that will take us from the island of Romblon to the bigger island of Sibuyan, MV Ma. Querubin, had arrived. My friends and I quickly lined up, so we could get good seats on the ferry. After we settled in, there was more waiting. More reading for me—I actually managed to finish a whole Palahniuk novel.

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The ride was smooth and when we arrived at the port in Sibuyan, my friends and I excitedly put on our backpacks and quickly made our way out of the ferry and got on a jeepney that will take us to Cantingas River Resort, which was another two hours away.

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We arrived at Cantingas shortly before noon. We have been traveling for exactly 24 hours. It has been a long…errr… road(?) to Sibuyan and we haven’t even begun exploring the place.


 This post is part of a series I wrote about a recent backpacking trip around Romblon, with a side trip to Boracay. Check out the other posts by clicking on the links below:

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