Our day started early. We woke up around 6:00 AM for breakfast. It was raining. And not the rain where you think tikbalangs are getting married. It was really pouring out.


As we agreed the day before, Mang Jhong promptly picked us up at 7:30 AM to go to the local market to buy the ingredients for today’s lunch. We picked up fish and squid to grill and some fruits and vegetables to go with it.

Photo Credit: Jem Villar

Photo Credit: Jem Villar

Because of the weather, we decided to tackle the beaches first. Mang Jhong agreed. So we were beach bumming today. Hopefully, the weather cooperates.


Off we went to our first destination: Malcapuya Island. Malcapuya Island is actually quite far from the town. It took about an hour and a half, if I’m going by timestamps on the pictures I took (remember, this was from two years ago). The ride wasn’t bad actually, even if it was raining, there wasn’t much wind. And before we reached Malcapuya Island, the clouds cleared for us… Hello, Sun!


We arrived at Malcapuya Island a little before 10AM. There was only one group in the island, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Mang Jhong busied himself with the cooking while us girls explored the surroundings.



Lakas maka-photoshoot. Photo Credit: Jem Villar

It really didn’t take long before I planted myself in the sand. I love the beach! I knew that I could stay here all day. The sand is beautiful, cream colored and fine. I also noticed that the caretakers cleaned the sand of any seaweed that washed ashore. It was a great place to bum around.

Mang Jhong prepared the food

Mang Jhong prepared the food

We had lunch at MalcapuyaIsland a little before noon. After eating, well, time to sit around some more. Hahaha! You lose all this weight because of a trip to the beach, and when you get there, you gain it all back because of the food. I tell ya, it’s hard, man!



We left Malcapuya around 1PM to go to our next beach destination, BananaIsland. More beach bumming! There really isn’t much to do here and that’s exactly the point. We had some snorkel gear with us and I did a bit of that but really, mostly, it’s just my friends and I sitting on the beach.


Lounges lined along the shade at Banana Island

Lounges lined along the shade at Banana Island

We stayed at BananaIsland for about two hours before Mang Jhong called us back to the boat. It was already 3:30 PM and we still had another island to go. With a bit of hesitation, we climbed ourselves back up the boat.



Our next destination didn’t take fifteen minutes to get to. Compared to the two islands we went to earlier, Bulog Dos is tiny. But the sand is beautiful and creamy.


I remember that we didn’t stay here long. I remember just walking around taking pictures and admiring the view.

The obligatory jump shot. Photo Credit: Jem Villar

The obligatory jump shot. Photo Credit: Jem Villar

It was truly beautiful but honestly, we were all sunned out. So we headed back to the town. We still had a last stop planned for the day.


Mang Jhong dropped us at the port and we hailed a tricycle to get to Maquinit Hot Springs. In retrospect, I’m not sure this was quite a good idea. OK. Actually, because we were all heated up from the summer sun, dipping in the water in the hot springs made me feel very lightheaded; so no. It wasn’t the best idea we’ve had. I suppose if you visited the hot springs on a cooler day, the effect would’ve been a little different.


Ah, but wait. There’s something really pretty near the hot spring that I like. Just to the side of the hot springs, you’ll see a path to the mangroves. And through it, an amazing view.


My favorite trips usually have some version of sand and sea on there. I live for days like this, hanging out doing absolutely nothing on the beach. So this was a very great day.

 *** Since 2013 is off to a slow start, I’ve decided to catch up on some retro posts. This trip took place May 28 to 31, 2010. ***


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