I spent my high school and college years in Tacloban City, Leyte. I lived in Leyte for 8 years. I still go back every now and then. I have friends there and a lot of family. It’s still home. Why am I saying this in a post about Cebu? Well, because the distance between Tacloban City and Cebu is only 98.68 miles. In fact, you can go to Cebu and back to Tacloban in one day and have time to go to the malls, shop, sight-see, etc. But the thing is, no matter how close it is I have never been to Cebu in those 8 years.  My first trip to Cebu happened back in January 28 of this year (Yup, this is a catch-up post, actual travel date is Jan 28-29, 2012!). A very good friend of mine had texted me a few months back if I would be interested to join them on a trip there over the weekend. I said yes.

There are daily flights to Cebu from Manila by many local carriers, so getting there is easy. From the airport, we hired a van to take us to the resort. We stayed at Vista Mar Resort in Mactan.

Vista Mar Beach Resort in Mactan, Cebu

This was a pretty laid back trip. My travel buddies were there to see some old friends from college and since I was just tagging along, I spent our first day in Cebu checking out the beach and lounging in the pool.

A pano shot of the beach at Vista Mar Beach Resort in Mactan Cebu

Since it was my first time in Cebu, everyone decided that the next day, we’d go on a city tour after we check out from the hotel. We talked to the hotel and they arranged for a van to take us around.

Since we had a van taking us around, getting around the city’s sites made it easy.

Lapu Lapu Shrine

At the Taoist Temple in Cebu

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

and of course, Magellan’s Cross

We ended the day with dinner at the Ayala Center and then off to the airport we went and back to Manila.

Overall, it was a very laid back trip. I’d say this was an introductory trip. I’d probably go back some other time to check out what else Cebu has to offer.

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